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Through a series of questions Krystal will discover your current style, talk about who you want to be and how you want to feel when you get dressed for work, daily wear and special occasions.
Krystal will do a closet edit and retain wardrobe essentials, those items that need to be tailored to fit properly, and set aside clothing that is no longer inline with your style goals.
All clothing that is edited can be consigned or donated to Dress for Success, Star of Hope, The Salvation Army or The Goodwill for a tax credit.


Just as your home requires scheduled house cleaning, it is a necessity for your closet to be preserved in an orderly fashion. After your Closet Therapy session, Krystal will maintain and organize your closet on a regular basis to keep your apparel in perfect condition so your closet looks efficient and neat.


For conference, speaking engagements and press tours, Krystal creates “Look Books”, where she pairs complete outfits including accessories and shoes and prepares personalized books with notes as a visual reminder for the client so they know what to wear for each event throughout their travel. It takes the guess work out of what to pack for business trips and ensures the client will never be at loss for what to wear for the next presentation, conference or business dinner.
Look Books can also be created for extended travel vacation.


For an upcoming event or closet basics, with the client (or alone), Krystal will point out fashion choices that complement your closet essentials and acquire clothing that will be staples in your wardrobe. Krystal will teach you how to shop for your body type and purchase quality “Must Have” items that will remain timeless.


Know the must haves for the upcoming season and find items in your closet that keep you fashionably current. Krystal will put a look book together of all of the outfit pairings that will be your go to guide for getting dressed.


Men typically can maintain the classic wardrobe essentials over a lengthy period of time, as men’s clothing trends usually stay consistent. But, it is important to edit clothing that no longer fits properly and purge clothing that is no longer in style. Closet Tailoring, will ensure dated and ill fitting clothing does not accumulate.
All edited clothing can be donated to Career Gear, The Salvation Army, Star of Hope or The Goodwill for a tax credit.


Children are constantly growing, it is important to edit the clothes they can no longer wear to make room for their current and future clothing sizes.
Children’s clothing can be donated to The Salvation Army, Star of Hope, and Goodwill for a tax credit or all gently worn, stain free clothing can be taken by you for consignment.


After your Closet Therapy Consultation, all clothes that need to be altered can be done so with a visit from our in house tailor who can accompany Krystal to your home or office.

Style Analysis Questionnaire

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