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Krystal, is an international model who has worked in the fashion industry for over 24 years.  Krystal kept readers fashion forward on the east coast as a fashion columnist for North Shore Magazine, and was a television personality for The E! Entertainment Network.
After previously helping women to transform their wardrobes and individual styles in boutique settings, Krystal decided to transition her services to a more relaxed environment where clients can feel comfortable in their personal spaces. Krystal continues to work and travel around the globe and enjoys the beauty and energy of fashion.


Clothes are pieces of fabric that can be transformed to create an energy the individual wants to convey.
Color says “I want to be seen”
Black: Minimalist, practical, camouflage
White: Freedom, ease
Short: I am comfortable showing my body
Long: Elegance or concealment
Unconventional: Confidence
Trendy: Conformist



Individuality is beautiful!!!
Wear what you feel good in and accentuate your best qualities. Accessories are exciting!!!! Use them to enhance your daily fashion choices and bring a new concept to basic looks.
Getting dressed in the morning should be fun!!! It is ok to be creative and show people who you are!!!

Krystal’s goal is to allow the opportunity in an intimate environment to help foster rediscovery through the outward appearance which in turn paves the way for the internal beauty to shine.

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